Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WoH Gets a New Ranking System

Today's Wrath of Heroes patch (0.24) is pretty beefy, so there is a lot to go over.  The most interesting change, at least to me, is the inclusion of a brand new ranking system.  the previous system was more of a High Score board and rewarded time rather than skill winning.  Does the new system fix that problem?

New Ranking System.  In the new system, everyone starts with a score of 1,000.  Your score will go higher or lower depending on whether you win or lose.  Sounds a lot more like an ELO type system than a High Score!  This should make rankings much more interesting, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

It's probably not perfect yet.  There should be a solo queue ranking to separate premades and the rest.  Otherwise, premades will dominate the rankings.  It'll be interesting to see how their system works as 2 out of 3 teams will lose every match.  Does 2nd place lose less points than 3rd?

Ornaments.  These are another big addition to WoH.  If you played WAR, they are kind of like Trophies.  Except this time they affect your heroes weapons.  Unlocking hero skins and trophies will grant you new ornaments which can be used to customize your character further.

Some other interesting changes:

The third scenario reward spinner no longer requires the player to join a warband. Instead, this spinner now requires a personal Score of 20 or above.

Gaarawarr will love this one.  I do too, no longer do us solo players miss out on a wheel opportunity.  

Elite Tactics will now be highlighted by a Gold border to make them easier to spot and slot.

Good change, but I'm still hoping to see the way these tactics are changed overhauled.  Make them purchasable individually!  

Albodi the Chosen has been added to the Store. See the Hero Lineup section for more information.

Rivs should like this guy.  You can check out his abilities here.