Thursday, August 30, 2012

Q&A with End of Nations Chris Lena

The fine folks over at Trion Worlds were nice enough to answer some questions for me about the upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations.  This is a game I have played and am certainly interested in, so I wanted to get some more information out.  Below is the Q&A, answered by Trion Worlds Senior Producer, Chris Lena.

The third beta test for EoN has just been announced and will start September 7th!  Remember to stop by Dev Spy for End of Nations developer posts, tweets, videos, Facebook, and Reddit entries.  On to the Q&A!

1)  End of Nations is often billed as a MMORTS.  What does that actually means in terms of the game?  Are players fighting over anything or is it more along the lines of expanding your own personal nation?

In terms of the game, we are trying a lot of new things that really make End of Nations a unique persistent online RTS game. Within the game on each shard, both factions are fighting on maps in a persistent online world where their victories and losses have an actual effect on the control of territories on the map. Players are fighting in what we call campaigns where each faction is trying to take over the world via controlling all of the territories. Each territory offers a unique bonus that is also a benefit for fighting for that specific territory.  In addition you are always growing your persistent commander whether that be through collecting more units and structures for your army or leveling up and make choices in your Research tree.

2)  The most popular multiplayer RTS is Starcraft 2.  What does End of Nations bring to the table to differentiate itself?

We offer great RTS gameplay that is both quick and straight to the point – combat – as well as we have multiple maps and game modes that keep the tactics changing from map to map. Our loadout system allows players to set up multiple companies of units, structures, commander abilities and heroes that they then can take straight to the battlefield and if need be the players can switch them out during battle. Our maps also range from 1v1 all the way to 28 v 28 for some truly unique and interesting combat. One of the biggest things that sets us apart from other games is that we are a fully Free to Play game! When we launch you will be able to download and play End of Nations without restrictions for free!

3)  Are you guys planning on bringing End of Nations into the eSports arena?  If so, will there be rankings, tournaments, prizes and everything that goes with the sporting aspect?

That’s something we are really interesting in becoming a part of and something we are deeply exploring!

4)  When it comes to competitive play and RTS games, reflexes (actions per minute) and the ability to micro-manage your units are paramount.  Does End of Nations continue this trend, or will those of us with slower reflexes still be able to compete?

End of Nations is definitely all about combat and tactically use of your units, abilities and structures. One of the great things about End of Nations is that you can successful even without the high APM or mirco skills normally required in a traditional RTS. Those skills will certainly help you get to the top and stay there but I wouldn’t say they are necessary to enjoy the game and have fun with it.

5)  Let's say you are not in the mood to fight other players, does End of Nations offer any other kind of gameplay?

Yes! We have multiple game modes where you can either fight as a team against AI or you could try your hand at our Campaign (story) mode where you will learn the backstory and lore of End of Nations!

6)  End of Nations will be free to play and have a store.  What kind of items can players expect to see?

Our store will function largely like most other Free to Play games with convenience and cosmetic options available. We will have boosts as well as skins and colors to help you stand out on the battlefield. One important thing to note is that with this being an RTS we are strongly against the idea of a pay to win type store.

7)  Heroes are a particularly interesting aspect of End of Nations.  They are similar to League of Legends Champions in that they have special abilities and their own personality.  Do you plan on releasing new ones at regular intervals or will they be rare additions?

We not only have Heroes but also Elite Companies.  Elite Companies are special pre-made companies that not only have a hero unit but also have other unique units, structures, and abilities.  We do plan on releasing both Heroes and Elite Companies regularly although we have not decided on the interval yet.  We think they are a great way to not only introduce new strategies but also a way to progress the story of End of Nations.

8)  To go along with the eSports question, any plans for a Spectator mode?

Nothing has been announced yet regarding a spectator mode.

9)  Finally, Is there a Mac or Linux version in the works?

Not currently!


Thanks Chris!