Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Legendary Heroes

A long time ago, in a state not so far a way a group of intrepid bloggers visited Mythic HQ and got a look at Wrath of Heroes.  During our talks with the developers, it was mentioned that we might be able to play some famous Warhammer characters in the game.  It looks like that time is just about upon us.

As an additional facet to the available Heroes, we will introduce some very special characters from the Warhammer Fantasy lore to Wrath of Heroes. You have probably heard of these very noteworthy persons and have read about their adventures. Now it’s up to you to lead them into batle and write a new chapter of their deeds.

Not much else is known about them, except they will cost Gold.  That's the in-game currency, so they will be free to play.  And from the sounds of it, they could be expensive.

Rankings.  Last patch, they introduced a leaderboard/ranking system.  It's not a traditional ELO type system, as scores just keep going up.  As of this morning, the leader is a smidgen above 80,000 points.  I'm not really sure how this system is sustainable.  What will the leader be at in 6 months?

I suppose they could implement a season system (like LoL) where the scores will reset.  The winner get prizes in the form of cash, skins, in-game stuff and so on.  That would be kinda cool.

I'd still rather see a proper rating system put in, where you can lose points.  Seems like the only way you can make skill matter in the rating scheme.