Thursday, July 26, 2012

Legacy Crafting

The Legacy system is one of my favorite features of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It does a really good job of making all of my characters feel connected, even if they are on different sides of the war.  One area this can be seen is in their crafting system.

My current crafting setup:

Trooper:  Armstech, Scavenging, and Investigation

Jedi Knight:  Cybertech, Underworld Trading and Slicing

The Trooper makes barrels for himself and companions, while his Scavenging skill is used to feed a number of other crew skills.

The JK uses Cybertech to make Armoring Mods and general Mods for himself and all of my other characters and companions.  I use mostly custom armor, so I need plenty of mods.  Since the Trooper has Scavenging, he was free to take slicing instead and make a tidy profit.

My next character will be an Imperial Agent.  Even though he is on the Empire side, he fits in with my crafting organization.  I love the fact you can send mail to characters in your legacy regardless of faction. Although, I would rather see a Legacy bank tab.  Please BioWare, make that happen.

The Imperial Agent will most likely take Armormech and mainly to craft Custom gear since I have a load of schematics.  I don't really need any regular armor anymore since I've committed myself to using the much more flexible custom items.  I'm tempted to pickup Biochem instead for PvP, but looking good is always a priority.

Eventually I hope to have all crew skills so my little SWTOR organization can be self-sufficient.