Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bring it to Market

My side project, tentatively named Pioneer, is progressing nicely.  I've recently added an important game system, the Market.  If you have played a MMO before, it's basically an Auction House, minus the auction aspect.  So, very similar to WAR and SWTOR in that regard.

I had considered going with a buy and sell order system like Eve Online has, but decided it was not really necessary for this project.  I have it coded up already for others though, so plugging it in is mostly a matter of interface changes.

To use the Market, your character must be in a hex that has one.  Like everything in the game, markets will be built by the players.  Those who build them will get a cut of the profits.

Game Status:  Move around, explore, find stuff, buy and sell stuff

Upcoming:  Eat and drink stuff, Claim land, build stuff