Monday, July 2, 2012

Life on The Ebon Hawk

A couple of weeks ago, SWTOR started their free transfer program.  It was a very large consolidation, with most players being funneled into a few select servers.  My server, Sanctum of the Exalted, was selected to move to The Ebon Hawk.

The transfer process itself was very easy and quick.  In almost no time I was good to go on The Ebon Hawk.  BioWare does not currently allow guild transfers, so I am currently going it alone.  That's fine with me since I play the game almost totally solo.  That may change someday, like when I reach the level cap.  Ranked warzones are awful tempting.

my time on The Ebon Hawk has been good so far.  The Republic Fleet almost always has 2 instances going with hundreds of people in each.  that's not counting all of the players off using the new LFG system.  Speaking of that, I have not used it yet.  The only thing I am really interested in trying are the Story Mode Operations, mainly so I can see the settings and hear the story.

The best part about moving to The Ebon Hawk has been the GTN (Auction House).  In 1.3, both sides use the same AH (Thanks Hutts!).  That pretty much doubles the market.  Since the the patch launched, I have made over 600,000 credits playing the GTN.  That's primarily due to certain aspects of the new Augment system, so I expect my profits to take a plunge soon.

I was suprised about the amount of consolidation BioWare did with the server merges.  It does make sense though.  One, they don't want to have to do this again.  That would just look awful.  Two, I think they are hoping for some fusion.  Mass populations leads to a burst of activity causing the game to expand.  Will it work?  We'll see.