Monday, July 30, 2012

Sink or Swim

This weekend I got bitten by the competitive bug.  That lead me to playing League of Legends for most of my free time.  I had recently reached 30, so was eligible to start ranked matches.  I had a limited stable of champions, a single rune page, and experience in a few roles.  I decided just to jump right in.

When you start off ranked matches in LoL, you go through 10 placement matches before you receive your official ELO score.  I managed to complete all 10, so am not a ranked player.  I ended up going 4 - 6 and receiving an ELO rating of 1148.  Sounds about right considering how prepared I was and that I hadn't played in a few weeks.

Some thoughts...

What meta?  Usually the game goes:  solo top, AP mid, AD and Support bottom and a Jungler.  A good number of my placement matches did not have a jungler.  It actually didn't make much of a difference.  At one point we started with 3 bot...

Jungle.  I really should do a couple of bot matches and learn how to jungle.

Support.  Support was actually popular in my games, led me to being Mid and Top.

Soraka.  She was a popular ban at this ELO.

Runes.  I really should complete my only Rune page.  I have the IP, just being lazy.

Zyra.  She was a beast in one of our games, 24 kills.  I tried to Exhaust her, but just ended up hitting Taric instead.

Community.  The games were surprisingly pleasant.  I didn't need to report anyone.  Some language difficulties, but overall not bad.

I'm not sure I'll really spend a lot of time trying to raise my ELO, but I wanted to at least get there.  Lots of games to play!