Monday, June 18, 2012

It was a long road

Over the weekend, I finally reached level 30 in League of Legends.  It was quite a climb.  It took me over 200 games to reach the level cap.  I played mostly Summoner's Rift, some twisted treeline and a few Dominion matches here and there.  All PvP, no bots.  I don't even want to calculate how much time it took, even with XP boosts.

The eternal question remains, now what?  Ranked play would be the next step, but I'm not sure I am ready for that.  I only really know how to play Support champions.  Going into ranked matches and only being decent at a single role is probably not a good idea.  I can play a few AP champs, but I really should practice ad/top/jungle.

I also need rune pages for roles other than support.  Although, since my support page is defensive (and general) it could still be used for the other roles.  I don't really want to bring other players down in ranked because I am not prepared.

Do I really want to do ranked though?  The community, in those matches, seems a lot worse.  Normal matches are generally, but not always, more laid back.  I can't help be interested in the competitive aspect of ranked though.  It gives a goal to shoot for, rather than just collecting IP.