Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bonus Calendar

One of the neat new features introduced into Wrath of Heroes is the Bonus Calendar.  Recently, Mythic started to add rewards for logging in on certain days.  You can pick up potions, wooden chests and even Ornate Chests just by logging in!  That's right, free Elite Tactics.

I still want to see the chests removed all together so we can just purchase tactics individually, but this is nice too.  The Bonus Spinner is still there as well, except now you don't reset to a single spinner if you miss a day.  You just lose one.

I would like to see their special events added to the Calendar as well.  For example, Friday they will be holding a Play against the Devs session.  Would be nice to see it listed on there.  Hopefully they can do that while still having it look pretty good.