Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Coming into E3, I was really not expecting to hear much about Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Sure, they'd have a booth and maybe show off some of the upcoming 1.3 features.  No hints were given about announcements prior, so I figured it would be fairly benign stuff.

When I heard the SWTOR music during the EA press conference I was pleasantly surprised.  They'd only get a slot (out of the 10) if they had something good to say.  And indeed they did.  After some awkward self-promotion, new stuff was announced!

Makeb.  This would be what I am most excited about.  A new planet will be introduced called Makeb.  The basic story behind it is that the Hutts took it over and are now becoming quite powerful.  I'm a fan of stories involving the Hutts, so this seems like a great addition.  A new planet means new stories!  I hope they are up to the standards already set, if not better.

Level Cap.  It looks like the level cap will also be increased, and includes new abilities for players to use.  It feels like it is early in the games life to do this and some players are not pleased at the prospect.  Since I do not raid I'm not worried about the gear implications, so it does not bother me.  On the plus side, this probably means our class stories will be expanded.

HK-51.  Our very own assassin droid, voiced by the original HK-47 actor!  Can't wait to be called a meatbag again.

New Stuff.  There will also be a new Operation, Space Mission and Warzone.  They all look pretty neat, and more is almost always better.

All this stuff was announced as 'Coming this year.'  That does not mean it is all coming together as one expansion.  I would not be surprised if this was released in pieces through the rest of the year.

Overall, I am pretty excited about what was shown.  The cherry on top is that 1.3 hits the PTS today, so that will be live soon as well.