Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Day with 1.4.6

Yesterday, I got a chance to check out Warhammer Online's 1.4.6 patch.  The change I was most looking forward to was the scenario brackets.  By changing them to RR based, it means that my low level characters may actually see some action.

I hopped on my 40/49 Rune Priest since I was in a healing kind of mood.  Pretty quickly I had a scenario pop! In fact, I had several over the limited time I had to play, which is a huge improvement.  The matches were pretty varied, with players all throughout the level spectrum.  For example...

I didn't get to do much else other than scenarios.  I hoped to try the city siege, but one did not happen during my time online.  Next time I also want to try out some of my low level alts and see how they can compete.  Might I actually get my Bright Wizard leveled?

There is currently an interesting friendly fire bug, which makes me wonder what WAR would be like with actual friendly fire.  Forget about the griefing and balance issues, I just wonder what RvR would look like if you actually had to worry about AoE hitting your side.