Friday, June 8, 2012

Stop, BioWare. It hurts.

BioWare came to E3 with a lot to talk about, much to my surprise.  The teaser video was nice and all and got me a little excited for whats to come.  It was the interviews afterwards that have really pushed up my excitement level though.  I want this stuff so bad it hurts.

First, there was this great interview from Darth Hater with Daniel Erickson.  I'll just show some of the quotes.


We looked back at everything we did well and not as well, and we realized that the best moments of our games from a storytelling perspective were definitely the early ones when it was more focused. 
You had fewer quests at one time, and they were much higher quality stuff, big high quality cinematics, really deep storytelling, big choices, stuff that you really, really were involved in, were excited about, and really could keep track of what you were doing. That is Makeb. Makeb is a return to full on AAA BioWare storytelling.

From another interview:
The size of Mekab is comparable to any single-player game out there. It is a full world. We did raise the level cap as that we want you, while you're exploring and adventuring throughout the world, to have the same experience as your previous adventures. 

HK-51 is actually part of the Legacy system. He is a very hard companion to get, and there is an incredible amount of work that you’ll have to do. 
There is great, great new types of gameplay, new types of quests. There is a whole section of it that’s old school adventure gamey survival horror where you’re really not doing combat stuff; you’re following puzzles and solving stuff instead. Makeb has a lot of the same experimentation. 
So how you get him, the quest to get him, his dialogue, when he’s with you… all of that is obviously very different if you just decided that you have an assassin droid as a Jedi Knight, which I will say is a bit startling to him, versus getting it as a Sith Warrior.

What we’re talking about in the future is revolutionary. We’re talking about a completely different pixel space. 

Give it to me, give it to me now!  Sure, this might just be hype.  However, BioWare has proven they can pull it off, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

MMORPG has a video interview with Daniel as well.  They cover some of the same ground, but some more details are given.