Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WoH Gets Religious

Today Wrath of Heroes is getting a rather large patch.  Not only is a new Hero being added to the roster, but some significant system changes are being put in place.  I was really only expecting the hero.  Let's see, where to start...

Conrad.  The Warrior Priest Hero has arrived!  He is another capable Hero.  Hopefully this means less Glowgob :)  In fact, he is a nice Glowgob counter due to his targeted silence.  

Against All Odds.  AAO is a system from WAR where the underdog side gets a bonus.  It has now been added to WoH, but in a different form.  If players drop from your team, you and what remains of your team will be buffed.  That includes damage and damage taken.

This kind of change always makes me nervous.  You could end up with some really powerful players.  It also takes 'skill' out of the equation since your opponent (when 1 v 1) is buffed.  We'll see how it goes though.

Nemesis.  Another throwback from WAR.  Way back when they talked about adding a nemesis system, but it was never implemented.  This was like three years ago, so I'm pretty sure this is something new.  Basically, killing someone who has killed you a lot grants you a heal over time buff.  

Underdog.  Have no fear...  Another new system is coming with this patch.  If you are matched up against a high ranking team, you will get improved rewards even if you lose.  Nice idea, in an ideal world this would never happen if the matchmaker was doing their job.  Depending on the times you play, it may not always be possible to get a fair match-up.

There are a lot of other changes which I didn't even go over.  Go read the patch notes.   I am pretty impressed by the rate at which changes are added to the game.  I just hope to see a ranking system soon :)