Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Werit and GW2 - Round 2

If you have read this blog before, you probably know I am not the biggest fan of Guild Wars 2.  it's interesting enough for me to drop the cash on it, but something about it just does not really resonate with me. Over the weekend, the seconds Beta event was held.  How did it go?

PvE.  One of my goals during the event was to give PvE a serious chance.  I've seen the videos of how intricate the events are so there seems to be a lot of potential.  I ended up getting my Human Mesmer to level 10 doing PvE, and I could not stick with it.

I found the Human area to be extremely boring.  None of the events I witnessed kept my interest.  The 'personal story' was ok, but did not keep me hooked.  I'm glad to see they make use of personal instances though.  At launch I plan to play a Norn, so we'll see if their areas are any better.

Mesmer.  I can safely say, I have no interest in playing a Mesmer.  The only fun I ever had with him was using a torch and blinking around.

Engineer.  After my PvE experiences, I rolled an Engineer (yay!).  I do enjoy him more than the Mesmer, but only advanced a few levels.  No turret for me yet.

WvW.  I immediately took my Engineer into the Mists.  Sadly, I found that our side completely dominated the other two.  There was a token resistance from one and none from the other.  The only fights I saw were at the enemies spawn.  It was mentioned on Twitter that they raised some population caps which could have emptied out some servers (where have I heard that before).

On the positive side, the fact that GW2 changes the server match-ups every two weeks means these situations may not last.  The downside is that means two weeks of no pvp.

That pretty much covers my GW2 time for the weekend.  I can't say it improved my opinion of the game.  It is beta, so I'll cut it some slack for the WvW.  As for the PvE content, I don't know if there is better stuff at later levels, or if I will be able to get through the boring stuff in order to reach it.