Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wrath of Heroes gets Rankings

Included in yesterdays patch, a new ranking system was introduced for Wrath of Heroes.  I have always felt something was lacking with WoH, mainly 'what's the point?'  Competition is a great way to fill that void.  Does the ranking system accomplish that feat?

Everyone starts off fresh as far as rankings go, so I logged on and played a bunch of games.

You'll notice that they did not opt for an ELO system.  From the patch notes:

  • A player’s score for rankings is based on their gameplay and analyzes personal and team gameplay.
  • Scores will only go up, at a rate determined by the player’s performance, but rankings will vary based on other players’ performance.
This makes the system seem much more like a cumulative High-Score board rather than a competitive ranking system.   The people who play the most will top the charts rather than the ones who play the best.   That is pretty disappointing for those hoping for a competitive measure, unless I am mistaken.  

I'll never be able to play as much as some other people, so I will perpetually be ranked low even if I win and play well.  I hope that Mythic reconsiders the system and adds a more competitive mode.