Monday, July 23, 2012

End of Nations Beta

Going into the weekend, I had planned on playing some SWTOR (which I did) and some TSW (which I did not).  What ruined this nicely laid out course of action?  End of Nations, that's what.  Normally, when I hear the term MMORTS, I lose interest immediately.

Me and my 3 actions per minute just cannot compete in RTS games like Starcraft 2.  I'm just too slow.  That is why games like League of Legends and Wrath of Heroes appeal to me, they allow me to be useful even without lightning quick reflexes.

Sadly, the actual beta test for End of Nations was under a NDA.  I will say I had a lot of fun and am very close to purchasing the Founders Edition.  I will probably wait to see what Trion does with it between now and the next test though.

They did allow TotalBiscuit to stream it with the developers, if you want to check it out.