Thursday, July 5, 2012

Suit Up

One of the things I like about The Secret War is its modern setting.  It's nice to be wearing something familiar, rather than chain-mail and a cod piece.  TSW has a wide array of clothing to choose from, so yesterday I did a little shopping.

I hopped on the Agartha and headed back to London.  There I found the Men's Business Attire vendor and bought myself a suit.  No reason I can't look good while killing the undead. So I got my suit... but a shirt and tie was no where to be found.

It turns out that they are only available in the cash shop.  Sigh.  I'm paying a subscription, and to complete this look I need to give them even more money.  This is the first real disappointment I have had with the game.   Anyway, I decided to try the store out since they had a $5 worth of tokens option.  It worked fine, no issues getting my shirt.

I really don't see myself using the cash shop again though.  One good thing Funcom did is make sure the store contained cosmetic items only.  Now that I have a good look, I don't think I'll need to buy anything else.  If I do want a change of pace, I believe there are faction rewards I can wear instead.