Friday, July 27, 2012

Dev Spy Updates

This week, I have made some more improvements to my multi-MMO dev tracker, Dev Spy.  A good bit of the work was on the backend, but I added some more features to the site as well.

The Secret World.  Developer posts from the forums are now tracked!  Check out the TSW tab to see them.

New Games.  I've added support for DC Universe (DCU) and End of Nations (EoN).

Facebook.  Dev Spy can now track a games Facebook updates.  Currently, I have only enabled this for End of Nations, but will be adding other games soon.  This is, of course, optional and can be disabled via the checkbox.

Layout.  I changed the way that the tabs look, they are now pills instead.  I've also added scroll bars to the game list so I can support more games without having the page itself need to scroll.

You can find Dev Spy at: