Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HK-51 Approaches

Yesterday, BioWare released a trailer for their upcoming SWTOR companion character HK-51.  This HK unit is a newer model of the infamous HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic.  I dare say he was one of the most entertaining video game characters ever created.

In the post, they say HK-51 is coming 'very soon.'  I'm thinking that means he will be a part of the 1.4 patch.      There is also a new world event coming up which focuses on finding some stuff too, so could that be a lead in to the HK-51 quest line?

Some HK-51 notes:

  • Same voice actor from the KoTOR games
  • HK-51 is obtainable by both sides
  • You'll need a 50 on one side and a mid level character from the other to obtain him
  • Supposed to have different dialog for each class/side
  • Tied to legacy, so you shouldn't have to redo the quest for every character

Not familiar with HK-47?

And the new trailer...