Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I love

This probably would have been a good post for yesterday, but I did not think of it until last night.  So we will pretend it is still Valentine's Day.  I love games, but I'd like to focus on three MMO's and why I care for them, in a totally platonic way of course.

Warhammer Online.  24 different classes, PvP from start to finish.  MMO mechanics and progression. The Warhammer universe is right up my alley too.  I can hop on and quickly find PvP, which is still my favorite MMO activity.

Star Trek Online.  No show has ever sparked my imagination like Star Trek.  STO's Feature Episodes make PvE interesting.  Graphics are very good and the developers are continually adding new content and systems to the game.

Lord of the Rings Online.  Epic Story provides bearable PvE.  Middle Earth is a great setting for a game.  Feels much deeper and challenging than other PvE games on the market.  Skirmishes are a lot of fun and Turbine has a lot of plans for new content.