Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Transfers

As promised last week, Mythic has announced free character transfers off of some of the less populated servers.  It's a shame this has to happen, but WAR needs a healthy population to be enjoyable.  Badlands is a good example of how WAR should be, lets hope the new servers can match it.

Starting February 9th, Iron Rock and Volkmar players will be able to transfer to Gorfang.  Carroburg (German) players will be able to transfer to Drakenwald (German).  After 3 weeks, the servers will close leaving WAR with 6 servers (7 if you include Russia), I think. 

Another important aspect of this announcement is that Gorfang and Drakenwald will allow a player to create characters for both realms.  There will be an 8 hour lockout period to prevent cross-realm abuse.  This will probably be a hot topic among the community.

If you have characters on the affected servers, you may want to get them transferred while it is still free.  You'll also have a better shot at getting your name too.  I have a Shaman on Iron Rock which I will be moving over, even though he is not played very often.

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