Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Untitled game project marches on. I actually have a name in mind but am still thinking it over. I'm starting to get into the 'adding stuff to do' part of development.  One core feature of the game is going to be meaningful exploration.

In the screenshot above, we can see two Asteroid Fields.  These are new too, think of them like spawn points for asteroids.  At the moment, they are labeled as Unknown since we have never visited them.  We can see them since they are quite large.  Smaller objects would not appear unless they are in sensor range (coming soon).

In this screenshot, we made our way to the Asteroid Field and 'discovered' it.  You may have noticed the mention of the field being unclaimed.  Factions will be able to claim resources such as these.  In this example, you would be a Factions agent and claim it for them.  The Faction (AI) would then start to develop it.  Finding resources will be important to your factions growth.