Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday, the WAR community received some bad news.  Andy, a longtime community manager, announced his departure from Mythic via twitter.  For a while now, he has been the main Mythic representative for WAR and DAoC. 

I have Andy to thank for a good chunk of my readership.  He did an outstanding job reaching out to bloggers and making us feel involved.  My first involvement was an interview which he made happen.  Blogging in general is fun, but when you feel involved in the game you love it is even better.  Even the Herald posts and tweets about bloggers was a great move for the community. 

Andy was also a big part of the Blogger Invasion last year.  Myself, Gaarawarr, Mykiel and ShadowWAR were invited down to Mythic for two days.  We got a tour, talked with developers and even made a video.  It was a great time and something I will always remember.

What's next for Andy?  Well, it sounds like he is staying in the industry.  A tweet did mention going West, but compared to Fairfax most of the country is West.  My money is on Rift though.

Thanks for everything Andy.  You certainly increased my enjoyment of WAR and I'm sure you will do the same for others wherever you are going.