Monday, February 7, 2011

Hull Three Zero

This post was supposed to go up last Friday, but it ended up getting bumped by the free transfer announcement for WAR.  The last book I read was Greg Bear's "Hull Zero Three", on my Kindle of course.  Read on for my spoiler-free thoughts about it.

Hull Zero Three is a new Science Fiction book which takes place in the future on a troubled spaceship.  It is similar to the Rama series, which I was a big fan of, as well as Pandorum.  Guy wakes up and a lot of bad stuff is going on.  He goes on a journey to figure out what happened and why they are there.

One aspect of the novel I did not care for was the lengthy descriptions.  It felt like he spent more time describing the environment than he did on the plot and character development.  Every detail was described at length, I ended up just skimming sections of the book so I could get to the story advancing parts.

This book does have some interesting and new (to me) ideas going on behind it.  The plot and the background universe are intriguing, if only he spent more time on them rather than describing how the character moved in low gravity. 

Overall I think the book was just ok.  It is worth a read if you don't mind a lot of descriptions followed by bursts of story.