Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 pieces of WAR news

I've been busy in WAR making my way to RR77 on my Engineer.  It's going slowly since my Ironbreaker has demanded some attention too.  There is actually some stuff going on news wise for WAR too.  Read on for three WAR news items.  This was a terrible intro, I can't seem to think this morning.

Night of Murder.  The Valentine's Day event has started up and will continue until the 22nd.  It is pretty much the same as last year.  Be sure to hop on to get your Event slot reward and Butcher's Blessing (+10% xp/renown/damage/incoming healing for 3 in-game days). Of course, Gaarawarr has a guide up for the event.

Free Transfers.  Today players will be able to transfer their characters off of Iron Rock, Volkmar and Carroburg.  Be sure to check this page for all of the details.  At the time of this writing, free transfers ARE available.

Renown Cap.  WAR Producer James Casey started up a new thread about the possibility of expanding the renown ceiling for leveling players.  Basically, when you are leveling up, your renown rank cannot exceed your experience rank (until a certain level).  This has the effect of a player having a relatively low renown level when they enter Tier 4.  By raising the leveling renown cap,  players can enter Tier 4 in a more competitive situation.

James wanted to get players thoughts and ideas on this potential change.  I'm glad to see Mythic being more open, hopefully it continues.