Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Vault

Saturday saw the release of Star Trek Online's latest Feature Episode series called The Vault.  It will consist of 5 episodes, the first being Cloaked Intentions.  I really love this feature in STO.  Unlike normal PvE, I'm not doing these missions just to progress some % on the XP bar.  I'm doing it for the story and the experience (not points).  No major spoilers in the rest of the post. 

Cryptic really outdid themselves this time.  It starts you out with a nice voice over and an interesting mission.  Then you actually get to see The Vault.  It is the best MMO environment I have ever seen.  The artists really out did themselves.  Words can't do it justice, so here are a few screenshots.  I wish I had taken more.

In the first two shots, I am zoomed all the way out.  My shuttle is just a spec, it was that huge.

I am really looking forward to the next episode.  Aren't Romulan's cool?  Hopefully we will be able to roll one someday.