Thursday, February 3, 2011


Over the past month or so, my enthusiasm for Warhammer Online has taken a hit.  Not the normal ebb and flow which seems to be common among MMO's, but more at a fundamental level. I'm just not sure if the game is going anywhere, which is a big concern for a MMO.  Funny thing though, my actions do not reflect this.

There are two contributing factors to why I am a bit disheartened about WAR.  First is the overall lack of communication about WAR's direction.  This has been an ongoing problem for WAR,  but there is hope that they are trying to change.  The Producer's Letter only served to further my concern.

The second is Andy's recent decision to leave.  I'm not too concerned about him leaving because of something wrong with WAR.  I'm sure we have all left jobs for a number of reasons that didn't really involve the employer.  What I am concerned about is Mythic not replacing him.  We'll have to wait and see on this one.

I've actually been thinking that I should start to cut my time in WAR down until I feel like the game is going places.  Plenty of other games have a clear direction and planned content, maybe I should be playing those instead. 

With all that said, it seems I am playing WAR more than ever.  I tell myself I'm going to play some LoTRO/STO/RDR and I end up in WAR.  This week I am hooked on my Ironbreaker (Hoplon) trying out a new build focused on utility.  Last week most of my time went to my Engineer since he was close to wearing 4 piece Sovereign.

While I may seem down on WAR in some posts, the truth is it's still my game of choice.