Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horde Mode for WAR?

Last week, James Casey (WAR Producer) started up a thread about an idea that has been tossed around the Mythic offices.  This is just an idea that they wanted to get players feedback on, and is not a solid plan.  It's nice to see these kind of threads since is shows that there still is the potential for new content.  Read on for the details.

If you are unfamiliar with Horde Mode, it refers to wave combat.  The idea being that you need to survive as long as you can.  In essence it would likely be a PVE scenario, although the waves could be the opposite realm NPCs, skaven, etc.  (Almost like an instanced uber PQ)

The basic idea is to add a new type of scenario which implements 'Horde Mode.'  Gears of War included this type of activity and it was quite popular.   Basically, it would be a PvE scenario where players fight off waves of enemies.  It also reminds me of a Skirmish in Lord of the Rings Online as they do something similiar.

Personally, I don't think this fits in with the WAR that I enjoy.  PvE is really the last thing I want to do, which is why I like WAR so much.  When I do get bitten by the PvE bug, there are plenty of other games which can do it better.

What I would like is a scenario where players can use PvE aspects against their enemies.   One game I enjoyed for the Xbox 360 was The Outfit.  It was a FPS, but placing NPC's to fight for you was a big part of the game.

That's just my opinion though.  It may be that a lot of players would enjoy a Horde Mode scenario.  If so, then by all means bring it in.  I'd just prefer PvP content.  In any case, I hope they keep up with the communication. It has been a lot better lately.