Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Misleading Screenshot

At one point over the weekend I had 15 minutes of downtime, so I logged into WAR hoping to catch a scenario.  I tend to do that often actually, one of the reasons I like WAR.  Much to my surprise, I had a really good showing.  Of course, I had to screenshot it.

A few tidbits about the screenshot (I am Tirew):
  • We lost.
  • I was pugging it.
  • Order had some great healing going on.
  • At the time, my gear was Warlord/Invader (RR75).
  • My single death occurred at the very end when I got greedy.
  • Destruction pretty much left me alone to do what I do.
  • My spec is Napalm/Bugamn's Best.
  • It was a fun fight.
We lost, so it really does not matter all that much.  But as far as the 'personal' game went I felt pretty good about my performance.