Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weapons just got cheaper

In Warhammer Online, many weapons are obtained by using Scenario currency (emblems and insignias).  With the launch of the RvR Pack, renown gain was increased for ranks under 80.  Combined with Against all Odds, players advance through the ranks quicker and often outleveled the scenario weapons before being able to afford them.

To address this problem, Mythic is looking to reduce their cost.  Yesterday, Andy posted a list of new costs which may make it to live as soon as next week.  The reductions are pretty significant, as much as 42% for the Rank 75 Royal weapons.

This should also help some power gap concerns (even if just a little) by getting more powerful weapons into the hands lower ranked players faster.  It may also help out some for your alts.  Of course, this doesn't address issues like scenarios not popping frequently in lower tiers on some servers.

When these changes hit live, I'll need to remind myself to update the Arsenal of WAR. I do have a new feature in development for it, so stay tuned for information on that soonish.