Friday, January 14, 2011

News from the Front: The cost of WAR

I have played a lot of WAR this week.  My Engineer hit RR 75 and is well on his way to 76.  I end up gaining around 50k renown an hour by soloing with AAO and defending keeps.  Order on Badlands always seems to be on the defensive, at least during my play times. On to the community news!


  • Two new Hot Fixes were released.  The first reduced the cost of scenario weapons and added an anti-afk system.  The second, fixed some issues from the first. 
  • Steven cleared up some confusion regarding tooltips and Realm Abilities.
  • Jamie (dev new to the forums) responds to an Engineer bug.
  • Bootae talks about utilizing the PvE areas to expand world RvR.  The more I hear about this idea the more I like it. 
  • Mmmmm Gud is taking a break.  Not to worry, he'll be back.  Playing a game for more than 2 years tends to do this to people. I'm just casual enough to avoid it so far.
  • Zizlak creates and takes a survey regarding the 1.4 patch and the accompanying RvR packs. Overall, the patch has been good for me... but more on that next week. 
  • Grimnir needs more to do than just killing.  This is perfectly understandable.  In WAR, there really is not much else to do.  If you want players to stick around for years, there has to more different activities.  
  • Thehealeroftru responds to questions which he asked.  Ever wonder what he looks like while playing WAR, go find out
  • This video shows off an 'Easter Egg' in the Inevitable City.  By taking this portal, you are teleported to different places, including a DAoC map. 
  • 6 vs 6 video from France. Pretty good fight and good music.  Video taken from the point of view of a Bright Wizard. 
  • A Knight and Warrior Priest are the focus of this video.  It has some creative editing going for it.   
  • A Squig Herder video from WAR Russia.  Have I mentioned how much I loathe Squig Herders?  Them and their mobile pets think they are better than me.  
  • Icomingray is back with his 12th Witch Hunter video.  He shows off some action while wearing Doomflayer armor.