Monday, January 31, 2011

January Producer's Letter

The long awaited Producer's Letter for January was released on Friday.  We knew going in that this letter was not going to contain any amazing revelations.  And it didn't, but it did actually have more information than I expected.

Let's recap some of the most interesting aspects.

Producer.  It looks as if Carrie has been promoted to being the Producer of all three of Mythic's 'live' (Does that mean there are some in development?  I think there is.) games.   However, Carrie is also now working on a different aspect of WAR. Free to play is the current theory which I'd have to agree with. 

Claim Window.  This one was a complete surprise.  It seems we will have a new way of obtaining items purchased from the EA Store or through codes.  Instead of getting them in the in-game mail, we will have a fancy new window.

Time being spent on this is pretty puzzling, with all of the other areas of WAR which could use attention.  My only thought is that this is a stepping stone to more dependence on the EA Store and Free to Play.  We'll see though.

Scenarios.  Mythic will be shaking up the scenario lineup a bit, so some old ones like May of Madness may be making a return.  This should be a regular occurrence to keep them fresh.  Grovod Cavern will be making a return too, with a twist.

Major Features.  In usual Mythic fashion, there is some big stuff on the horizon, but they won't just come out and tell us what it might be.  I'm tired of the guessing game.  If they are not ready to talk about it, it doesn't exist... so no new things coming.

Server Transfers.  This was posted after the letter:  "Free character transfers to select servers are on their way, we’ll have specific details for you next week." 

EU Community Manager.  The good news for EU players, which Andy mentioned, is that they are getting a dedicated Community Manager.  Hiring is a good sign.

The letter was better than I thought it would be.  There really was no much recap at all.  Of course, there was no real information on new stuff either.  There are a few bits of info I didn't cover, so do give it a read through.