Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I will do in 2011

None of those silly new years resolutions for me.  Instead, I will just post some things I will accomplish in the upcoming year.  Most of these should be doable, but life usually manages to get in the way somehow.  On to the list!

1)  I will reach Renown Rank 80 in Warhammer Online.  Ok, this is an easy one.  With the new leveling curve that came with the RvR Pack, I am well on my way.  I figured I should start the list with one that nearly certain.

2) I will release the Mystery Game.  This one will be tough, just because making games is not easy.  Balancing work, play and development time along with feature creep will be challenging.

3) I will improve my writing.  Reading many of my fellow bloggers makes me realize that my writing skills could use improvement.  For a programmer like myself, it is a challenge. Thankfully this blog is here to give me a way to do that.  If only I paid more attention in grammar class.

Three things is all I could think of this morning.  Ugh, a full work week too.  Unacceptable!