Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want a free year of WAR?

Mykiel is running an interesting new contest.  The winner will receive 2 180 day Warhammer Online game cards.  What do you have to do? Just give your feedback on some of the new proposed changes.  Read on for the details.

From Twitter:

MykielWAR: the winner gets 2xWAR Game Time Cards 180 days.  Yes pretty much a full year of WAR for free.

MykielWAR: So what is this contest about?  Well the contest is about Feedback.  Wonderful and beautiful feedback.

MykielWAR: Go to this link, and read the proposed changes.

MykielWAR: Once you have read them, Provide detailed feedback on each and every item mentioned.  Whether you are for the specific change or against it.

MykielWAR: Look at it objectively...Not how it will effect your solo capabilities and or dueling.  WAR is designed around grouping.

MykielWAR: At the end of your post put the following.  "In Andy's Name...AMEN" (So it is tagged for the contest)

MykielWAR: Winner will receive the codes Saturday Morning.

MykielWAR: Also do not worry about people judging what you think.  Post your own thoughts, and step away from the herd.

MykielWAR: btw, this is not an official contest.  It is a contest I am holding myself