Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Things

Just a quick post this morning.  Nothing too exciting going on this week.  My WAR time has been split between my Engineer and my Rune Priest.  Doing scenarios mostly, since I am close to getting Royal weapons on my Engineer thanks to the price cut.

Scenario Changes.  Mythic posted a sneak peak of the upcoming Producer's Letter on their Facebook page

Here's a sneak peak of the upcoming producer's letter: "We’ve monitored feedback and statistics over the last year and decided to shake up what scenarios are available all the time for each Tier. The current structure of the Scenarios will remain unchanged, but the Scenarios themselves will be different. Some scenarios stayed where they are, some changed…

Sounds like they will shuffle up the scenarios, which is a long time coming.  I think they should do this once a quarter to help keep things fresh.

Renown Trainer.  The new renown trainer which came with 1.4 is not very popular with many players.  Varnoth has released an addon which redoes the look to make it much easier to use.  You can find the addon here.