Monday, January 24, 2011

Leveling in LoTRO

I did spend a little time in Lord of the Rings Online this weekend.  My Hobbit Burglar is now level 26, without me even really trying to level.  I have just been catching up on crafting mostly (now an Expert Scholar and Expert Weaponsmith).  It's lead me to be a little concerned about my current pace.

So far, I really enjoy the Skirmishes.  They have a solo mode and 3 difficulty settings.  I have not tried all 3 yet, but I hope the other two are actually challenging.  Solo content doesn't have to mean easy.  That's a post for another time though.

I can see myself doing quite a bit of skirmishes, but I fear that may cause me to out-level other content which the game has to offer.  The Epic quest line is another area of the game I definitely want to do.  Doing it when above the recommended level is not all that fun for me though.

Then there are the rest of the quests and zones.  I'd hate to miss out of good content there too.  I'm not really sure how to tackle this problem of leveling too fast.  It may be that the pace really slows down, but I always seem to have rested xp available which is a blessing and a burden.

It's times like these when I wish LoTRO had a system similar to EQ2 where you could turn your xp gain off and put it into something else.  There is no AA, but how about turning it into reputation instead? I wonder if I can just level via Skirmishes, Epic Quests and some selected quests.