Thursday, September 18, 2008

When CoW's attack...

Ok, so it isn't quite like the picture.

The last couple days spent in WAR have been mostly about RvR combat. I had been doing mostly PvE, but I got the sickness and cannot break away from the fight.

Yesterday was a particularly fun day, as me and some fellow CoW's took to the fields of battle in world RvR. A group of 4 of us started out in Nordland, where a battle was already raging. We had 2 Engineers, and Archmage and a Bright Wizard. A couple other CoW's joined up at various times too.

It was a back and forth battle at the start and we got pushed back to the warcamp several times. This was mainly due to the fact we were facing a larger force which was loaded with tanks. We had no tanks at all! Plenty of Elves and Dwarves, just no tanks. Despite that, we did not do too bad. When the sides evened out a bit, we were able to push back and take the 3 objectives. We fought for a bit to defend then got the call to another battle.

Speaking of tanks... their armor looks much cooler than the rags T1 Engineers are forced to wear.

CoW's were set to advance upon the Blighted Isle, so we moved over to that front. There we had a Warband of CoW's (~9 folks) and we proceeded to take all the objectives. We ran into some light resistance at first, but then hit an organized group. We trounced them in the first encounter. They came back for more, with friends. The 2nd encounter we lost, but not before taking out a fair number.

Sadly at that point, I had to retire from the battlefield.

Some notes:

  • BR 9/ RR 9
  • Lots of World RvR and Scenarios.
  • You can get buff's from the bosses at your Battlefield Objectives by clicking on them.
  • Watch out for artillery!
  • Started Ekrund Ch 3.
  • They took away the ability to Salvage renown gear :(
  • CoW achieved Guild Rank 7


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