Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Question: Favorite T1 Zone

My favorite T1 zone would have to be Ekrund, the Dwarf starting zone. The mountains and snow just look great. There are some really tall mountains and really deep ravines. I think it does a great job of immersion. I am also a big fan of Dwarf architecture. Ekrund has it on a grand scale.

The RvR area also features a nice big wall, and I love walls. Stems from building sand castles at the Jersey shore in my youth I suppose.

The world designers did a great job with Ekrund.

So what is your favorite T1 zone in WAR?


Hello, I just started my blog!

I love reading yours so I though I'd put you in my blogroll hope you don't mind!

My favourite zone for the moment is the T1 Greenskin scenario, this zone is really well designed and i love the greenskin lore and language. Chaos T1 is also really well done I must say.

I did not really play a lot Order at the moment but I will soon I guess!

Hrm... fave T1 starting area is either Empire or Chaos. Both are fairly standard-looking, but the Empire one is wide open, which pleases my eyes, and the Chaos one has that enormous kick-ass machine-portal thing where you spawn into the world. That alone (and all the purple) makes it aesthetically one of my faves.

I like the dwarven area intellectually and aesthetically but I hate starting there, because there are *way* too many visual and auditory distractions for me there -- NPCs/mobs running around, even more boom-boom-KAboom! than everywhere else. It puts me on edge, which just goes to show how effective it is.

I enjoyed the dark elves one the most so far I think, though ekrund and the empire's ones aren't bad either. Seeing the giant ark there is kinda neat plus the terrain is interesting and the quests are eeeevil.

For me its Empire, though I haven't explored Chaos much. What's particularly cool is if you happen to hit Empire for the first time at night. Running down the road to the Gray Lady during darkness and seeing that flaming windmill in the distance just gives me shivers!

Greenskin starting area does a great job of setting the rather humorous tone of that faction though.

I think my least favorite so far is High Elf. There's nothing *bad* about it, but nothing that really makes it stand out either. Though that downed dragon that collapses as it draws in does make me look forward to future adventures.

@leo: Thanks! I upedate my blog rol every so often, so I will be checking yours out too.

I only have been in Mount Bloodhorn, which was OK in my opinion. Greenskin architecture is not nearly as epic as the Dwarves.

@thallian: Those Dark elves ships are pretty sweet.

@et al: I have not done too much in Empire, other then run to the warcamp. The windmill that is on fire is a great touch though.

Good question.

I've only done two in detail: Empire and Dwarf. They are both impressive and fairly distinct. Guess I'd favor the Empire zone just because I found it easier to navigate.

When I get some more free time I'm looking forward to running a character through each one to see how different they all are.

Without a doubt, the Greenskin area is my favourite. It has you laughing and feeling a sort of brotherly pride all at the same time.

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