Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Question: Guild Taxes

"Read my lips: No new taxes." - George H. W. Bush, 1988

One of Warhammer Online's Guild features is the tax and tithe system. A tax is money taken off the top of whatever you do (i.e. sell and loot) and put into the guild bank. A tithe is a voluntary tax which you can set on yourself, which also goes into the guild bank.

I think they are fine, so long as your Guilds leadership actually uses them for the good of the guild. As for tithing, if the tax rate is low, and money is plentiful, I will likely set a tithe.

What are your feelings about Guild taxes?


Sounds like management finally given to the managers...

Of course, if preview weekend was anything to go by, I'll probably just tithe the crap out of myself since I make waaaay more than I use in any case.

I don't mind as long as your guild members are still able to make enough monty to buy gear and other items. Also, how does that work when using the auction house? If you work hard to make a small fortune in the AH is if fair to have the guild to take some of it? I mean, for selling crap to vendors or money from mobs I'm ok with, but if you can make good money on the AH, why should the guild get a part of that?

I wonder if people will pass money on to unguilded alts to get around the system. There is always scammers out there.

I think, like George H.W. Bush, guild leaders should promise there will be no taxes, and then add taxes.

I am sure many guilds will promise no taxes, then add them. There are likely things that they have not considered (like keep capture) or spending money on standards.

I found that in OB, I'm making money far far faster than in the PW. If this is the normal rate of gain (read: My wallet doesn't get tweaked for live) then by all means, I'll support taxes and tithes.

Does it still cost 1/6/0 for the Renown gear?

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