Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lair Disappointment

The Lair pictured to the left was not really a disappointment, just really difficult. All those poor quarters lost.

Last week I was shown, by another kind Dwarf, the Lair in the Dwarven region of Ekrund. Lairs are non-instanced world bosses that usually require some sort of puzzle solving to reach.

As we approached the the entrance, which was nicely done, I got a tome unlock. This unlock gave a nice background story of the Lair. The door itself was sealed shut with no clues as how to get it to open.

I was eager to unlock the secrets of the lair, so I went to the story. It was good and seemed to provide some clues as to where to look next. I spent a couple hours searching the countryside for anything that could help me open that door. Sadly, I found nothing. Not a big deal, could just have missed it.

In order to solve this mystery, and foster guild cooperation, I was going to setup a 'Solve the Lair' night. CoW's would have been scouring Ekrund and Mt. Bloodhorn... like cow's on a field. Umm, yea, so anyway. Soon after I had this idea, someone from the Destruction side of CoW posted that they had entered the Lair and defeated the occupant. Leave it to Destruction to ruin a good time :)

The disappointment came when I read how to open the sealed door. It had NOTHING to do with the story. I won't reveal how it is done (another tale can be found here). I had hope that these lairs would be puzzles and riddles that would take us into the lore and game world looking for answers. Instead it seems like it is just some random mechanic*. What a waste :(

*Note: It may be other lairs do actually use the story, I have only been to this one.



I loved the Dragon's Lair back yaer one and two! What a nice multiple choice adventure!

I'm off.


I did badly at that game. My reaction time was always too slow.

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