Sunday, September 14, 2008

28 minutes later...

I changed the channel.

I am speaking of the movie 28 Weeks Later. I was in a movie mood last weekend and saw this was On Demand, for free. I am not a huge Zombie flick fan, but the first one was decent, so I gave it a shot.


I knew it was going to suck after the opening scene. Basically, there was a husband and wife being attacked by zombies in a house. The wife runs off to save some kid she met 2 minutes ago and zombies get in between her and the husband. Remember, these are fast super-zombies in the 28 series, so the husband could really do nothing. He ran, leaving the wife to her fate.

We never do see a death blow and the husband is made to be a coward. Next we see their kids coming back to London. During a medical exam, the Doctor notices the boy has different color eyes. This is a genetic oddity he got from his mother. Very subtle fore shadowing! Fast forward a few minutes over stupid plot holes and stupid kids... the mother is alive. and back at the compound for study.

it just so happens that the father (husband) is a janitor and can access every single room of this military installation, including the unguarded Zombie room. Next, I turned it off. I checked out imdb to confirm my suspicions that the rest of the movie was a waste of time, and it was. I also realized it was made by different people than the original, 28 Days Later.

Beware: It sounds like they setup for yet another lame sequel!


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