Monday, September 15, 2008

Ekrund Campaign: Day 1

My non-beta adventure in Warhammer Online officially began on Sunday with the Collectors Edition Head Start. Originally, they had planned to start it at 7am EDT, then 1pm, then 12. That worked out fine for me, as I did not have to get up early or anything.

Me and my fellow CoW's logged in as soon as the servers un-grey'd. I was able to secure 2 names I wanted, so that is good. I was on the Order side and had no queuing issues that others have had.

A recap of what I did:

  • Werit the Dwarven Engineer arrives in Ekrund to take up the Oathbearer cause.
  • Achieved battle Rank 5 and Renown Rank 4.
  • Did most of the starting quests.
  • Did the first PQ a couple times and maximized my Chapter 1 influence. Best finish was #3.
  • Found a Plunger! It told me it was not secret enough and to go find others.
  • Read through all of my Tome entries. Very neat stuff in there.
  • Picked up Scavenging and Talisman making.
  • Did a few Gates of Ekrund scenarios.
  • Guild reached Rank 2 when I logged off.
  • Total play time was about 2.5 hours.
It was pretty fun and problem free. I am trying to take the game slow and stop to smell the roses. The changes to the Engineer class have been nice. I feel like I am more dangerous in scenarios now. The new turret animations are nice!

That about covers it for Day 1.




Have you found the lair in Chapter 2 yet? Im wondering how to get it open

There is a plunger in Ekrund... one of many hidden :) To find it...

Dante's Inferno may lead you

As for the lair, I have not found it yet.

The lair was rather straight forward. The getting it open seems to be the tough part.

Are those plungers anything to do with those barrels in the chasm? I fell...ok I intentionally jumped down there in OB but the barrels seemed to do nowt.

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