Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ekrund Campaign: Day 2

Your hero and mine, on watch in Nordland.

My second day in WAR went as well as the first. Since it was during the day, the servers were not very crowded, making it an ideal PvE day. Folks who took off for the head start probably had to get back to work to pay for their subscription fees. World RvR suffered, but no big deal.

Recap of what I did:
  • BR 7/RR 5
  • Dropped scavenging for salvaging. While scavenging is more interesting than salvaging, it is not as useful for Talisman making, as fragments cannot be bought.
  • Made a +5 wounds (2 days) and a +2 Bal (8 hour) talisman.
  • Maxed my Ekrund Chapter 2 influence.
  • Completed most Ch 2 Ekrund quests.
  • Got frustrated by Murgluk's Git's. There is another quest chain in the same area. Twice I tried to finish the quests only to have the next stage of the PQ trigger and fill the area with Champ mobs.
  • The CoW armies took to the battlefield of the Blighted Isle, looking for war. Sadly we found none.
  • Did a few Gates of Ekrund Scenarios.
  • Got involved in a bit of World RvR in Nordland, was fun but we were soon overrun.
  • CoW reached Guild Rank 5.
All in all, a fun time playing.


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