Monday, September 22, 2008

WAR Needs: VOG, LFG's Cousin

Warhammer Online needs a Looking For Group interface, but not in the traditional sense. Open Grouping had been pretty effective in eliminating LFG spam and other normal problems. It does not cover all situations though.

I find myself in Tier 2 now looking for RvR. It occurs to me that I would really like to know what Open Groups are available for RVR in all Tier 2 zones. I could fly from warcamp to warcamp looking, but that seems like it shouldn't be necessary. I would like to see, at a glance, what area may have a group getting ready to siege a keep.

An interface to view Open Groups by Tier and/or Zones seems like it would be an effective way to solve this problem. It would be VOG (View Open Groups) rather than LFG.


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