Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Merc, nice bike!

The post title is from a new game I am playing on the 360, Mercenaries 2. I picked it up yesterday and probably have put 3 hours into it so far.

Bottom line: It is a fun game so far. I can't really speak to the rest of the game yet.

M2 is similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) in that it is a sandbox style game. The basic premise is that you did a job for someone, they try to kill you and worse yet, they did not pay you. Now it is payback time.

Unlike GTA, this game is all about blowing stuff up. Tanks, artillery, daisy cutters, choppers, boats, guided bombs... they are all at your disposal. The physics engine makes sure you get the feel that you just blew the crap out of something.

You are not really fighting this war alone, as you can recruit other mercenaries to help. So far I have a helicopter pilot. He allows you to transport around easier. he also is used to pick up found artillery, fuel tanks and stacks of cash. The stacks of cash remind me of NARC.

You also work for, with or against various factions. So far I have done work for the Oil Company. The factions help you get closer to your ultimate revenge and they also get you the tools you need to survive. In addition to money and information, they also give you supply drops, air strikes and vehicles which you can have dropped off. There are a lot of these in the game, so there is plenty to do.

If you enjoyed the movie Commando and like sandbox games, this may be worth a buy. Back to playing!


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