Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death Magnetic

I am a big Metallica fan. I have all their albums and have seen them in concert. The only album I did not like was St. Anger. Wow, that was awful. I almost drove off the road the first time I listened to the CD in the car.

So I pre-ordered Death Magnetic (their 9th album) with some apprehension. It arrived last week...

First Impression: Not great, but not St. Angers either.

Over time: Now that I have had it in my playlist and heard some songs a few more times, it is starting to grow on me.

I would try and judge this album on its own, and not compared to Master of Puppets. Metallica can never go back to the old days, because... they are old. I wish it was possible to recapture the fire of youth. You know what song I really liked? The Tuesday's Gone cover on Garage Days. Despite the name, it doesn't all have to be metal for Metallica.


I have been chanting Metallica as long as WAR. I was going to write a piece about WAR and Death Magnetic but you beat me to it. I have been listening to it while playing and at first it was a good album but after really listening to the music I find it awesome. The intramentals (spelt wrong because it is big word) are awesome. I like that they can make an album now a days and not follow the crowd by swearing all the time. I can play this in my car with my kids and we can enjoy it together. My kids are all super fans of Metallica too.

Please do write something about it :) I was thinking of doing a tie in to WAR, but did not.

I am really glad they went back to more melody type music (as opposed to the St. Angers stuff).

I never really thought about the lack of swearing, good point :)

Just like you I was really disappointed with St Anger, it was plain horrible. Death Magnetic so far has been pretty good, not really any songs that stands out, but still good.

And yea, <3 Master of Puppets

IMO the downhill started just before the Black album and has continued ever since... there are just a few speckles of light here and there as good 'songs' but the overall performance of Metallica has been declining steadily.

Is Death Magnetic going to be the last splash of fervour before the final? Remains to be seen, really.

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