Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Classics: F19 Stealth Fighter

F19 Stealth Fighter is one of my all-time favorite games. It was probably the first computer game that I played constantly.

I was young at the time, so I really did not understand all of the concepts. I played on my Dad's CGA (4 color) 286 PC at the time. F19 is a flight simulator game that takes place in Europe and the Middle East (crazy huh?). The game came out around 1988. You were the pilot of the secret stealth fighter, which would later turn out to be the F-117. At the time though, no one knew what it was called, hence the F19.

There was a career mode and medals you could earn by completing missions. Missions ranged from destroying ground targets to air targets. The graphics were great at the time.. you could fly under a bridge! The enemies were realistic and the technology at your disposal was incredibly cool and real.

Two of the concepts I could not grasp were landing and the stealth game. I would normally just eject rather than land, since I was so awful at it. The game features a very detailed stealth/radar system so you were supposed to get to your target quietly in most cases. I could not grasp this and just went in with guns a blazing. It was fun none-the less. Another great thing about this game is the manual. It is a 200 page book. Not one of those little handbooks.. we are talking ~8x6 sized pages. It is one of the best parts of the game. I always hate what is shipped with games today in those small little boxes.

Recently I cam across a copy of the game on ebay and had to pick it up. It came with the manual, maps and 3 5.25 floppies. Sure, I don't have a drive that can read them, but it is nice to know they are there.

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I used to help my older brother play that game on my family's first computer. I remember it being hard as hell, but very cool and how I learned quite a bit about combat jets.

Around that same time, we also played The Bard's Tale (my brother, cousin, and I each chose members of the party to play... a primitive sort of co-op), Descent, King's Quest, Arkanoid, and Nuclear War. I have the last installed on my Win XP now. I think I have a link to the free download on my site.

Nuclear War, I think I remember that. Hmm, may have been a little different though, as the one I remember was not as 'fun' looking.

How to eject ? Whats the command I just forgot...

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