Thursday, September 18, 2008

So size does matter

Yesterday, my Warhammer Online Collectors Edition arrived! I was quite surprised too, as it shipped the day before and I chose standard shipping. I love you Amazon.

The first thing I thought was: "What the heck is that, that is too big for a video game box... and it says it weighs 8 pounds!"

Turns out it did house a video game, the CE. My first thought on getting it in my hands was: QUALITY. It was heavy and solid.

That trend continued with the items inside. Two very nice hard cover books, the game box and a figurine. I don't really care about the figurine though. If I try to paint it I am likely to destroy it (much like I was doing to Zealots yesterday) in a fit of rage.

The books look quite nice and I hope to sit down with them soon. Overall I am quite happy with the $79.99 I spent. Combined with the Head-Start and Open/Closed Beta, it was well worth it.

In other WAR news:

  • BR 10/ RR 10
  • I love Barbed Wire! It isn't just for ranchers.
  • More world RvR in Nordland.
  • Got a nice piece of jewelry from a PQ.
  • Grouped up with some CoW's and went on a quest for the Shawl of Spring. It was successful and Werit is stylin.
  • CoW reached Rank 8.


Mentioned you in my most recent post, yes this is IMPRESSIVE! Nice CE if I do say so myself. Thanks for the write up

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