Friday, June 10, 2011

TOR Tatooine Video and a Jawa

Like many others this week, I have been devouring all of the Star Wars: The Old Republic that I can.  Ultimately, I came away disappointed since they still did not give us a release date.  They have restated that the target is still 2011.  I did see some interesting videos though.

Below is a HD look at one of the quests on Tatooine.  If you look at it from a gameplay perspective, it is mostly standard fare.  However, I really like the look of Tatooine, animations, the voice overs and just the overall feel.

We also got to see a few of the companions, including a Jawa named Blizz.  Sadly, I think this guy is only for the Bounty Hunter.  He has some guns and other gadgets which he uses to aid you in your fights.  His voice over was not enabled for the video, but there better be an "Utini!" clip.

Despite SWTOR's lame showing at the EA Press Conference, I am still looking forward to the game.  When will we find out about the release date?  I tend to agree with those who guess Pax Prime in August, with a release in November.