Monday, June 13, 2011

1.4.3 Patch Notes

On Friday, Kai (Warhammer Online Community Manager) posted the patch notes for the upcoming 1.4.3 patch.  There were not too many surprises, beyond paid name changes, as the focal point of this patch is the Sigmar Tide live event. Continue on for a more detailed look at the patch.

NOTE: 1.4.3 Arrives Today! (6/28/2011)

Accessory Set.  In 1.4.3 we will be able to purchase a new accessory set, which is supposed to be better than the Land of the Dead version which is considered the best in the game.  The pieces will be purchased with Officer Medallions and decay after 9 days.  No word on the stats yet, I'll have them once the PTS goes live.

Name Changes.  You will be able to purchase a token from the EA Store (aka Origin) which will allow you to change your characters name.  no word on the price yet, as it is not available as of this writing.

Engineer/Magus.  Engies and Magus got a little surprise this patch.  They will be receiving a new tactic which adds an AoE Action point boost to their turret/demon.  It will replace a lesser used one and be available in the Tinkerer/Demonology tree for 3 points.  The current 3 point tactic will now be core.

Sigmar Tide.  This new scenario will be launching along with 1.4.3 very soon (around a week from today).  Players will battle inside the Bright Wizard College and be able to take control of Aspects of Fire.  There will also be some Open RvR content which should finally lighten our load of Ordinance.